In Autumn 2020, we worked with local directors, actors and writers to create 5 brand new plays, filmed with state-of-the-art virtual reality technology for Corby 360.

We’re excited to share these 360-degree plays with you, all of which are and are set in locations throughout Corby and Kettering.

To watch and interact, click on the video and drag left, right, up or down to get the full 360 experience.

Wading Through Treacle 

Written by Millie Wyvern
Directed by Lauson Kenyon

Boy – Samuel Adams
Girl – Rachel Bardwell

A boy takes refuge on a park bench to avoid being noticed by a group of his peers while a girls ask curiously if you know him. Set in a rural park area, this play explores preconceived ideas, misinformed judgements and prejudice.


The Kingswood Beast

Written by Diana Coombes
Directed by Craig MacPhee

Paul – Vimal Korpal
Robert – Samuel Adams

A tent is erected in the Kingswood forest as two men aim to prove a pointbut, what lurks behind the trees and brancheswhat demons lie in wait…


The Pain is Mine

Written by Ryan Leder (Course Tutor)
Directed by Grace Duggan (Course Tutor)

Leah- Rachel Bardwell
Anne – Sarah Cullum

Leah is waiting. She’s waiting for Anne. She’s in her car. She’s packed a suitcase. She’s ready – if Anne is…


Free Fall

Written by Martin Picken
Directed by Vince Hanratty

John – Samuel Adams
Geraldine – Karren Ford

A young man on the edge weighs up his options but not all is as pure as the driven snow.

The Bank Robbers

Written by Iain Young
Directed by Millie Wyvern

Dave – Vimal Korpal
Annie – Rachel Bardwell

Annie wants it all, the dream house, the big  wedding, here’s a train to catch and a decision to be made but what are the priorities for this dynamic duo.




Funded by Arts Council England with support from a National Lottery Project Grant Award

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