ARTIST CALL OUT – Bite Size Workshop Commissions

The Core at Corby Cube want to engage with artists in all disciplines from across the UK to create Bite sized activities for young people and their families.

Our soon-to-be launched online Imagination Station will offer children, young people and families the opportunity to access some newly devised digital content.

We are conscious of the added pressures and strains faced by home schooling families and teachers alike and wish to offer a range of filmed video activities that can be accessed throughout the school day or at weekends.

The videos will offer a burst of creative fun and energy and help relieve zoom and screen fatigue.

We welcome activity that is physically and/or mentally stimulating and that can offer a quick refreshing change of pace inbetween maths and science.

We are offering commissions for artists and workshop facilitators to deliver and film new, bite sized workshops of between 5-15 minutes in duration that we can then share on the Imagination Station platform.

For each individual bitesize workshop video we will pay a fee of £150. We anticipate that it will be the equivalent of a days work to prepare, film and submit your project.

Each workshop must be:

  • Accessible and inclusive
  • Offer clear instructions
  • Use equipment and resources that can be found easily within the home
  • Not contain any music or stories that infringe copyright

To apply, please submit the following to [email protected] no later than 12 noon on Monday 8th February.

  • Title and theme of your workshop
  • Outline of content
  • Links to past work, CV or brief artist bio
  • Indicate which age group your workshop would be aimed at: 5-11 years or 12-19 years
  • Indicate the likely duration between 5 and 15 minutes long (We understand that this might change)
  • If your workshop links to a curriculum area, please indicate this on your proposal.
  • If your workshop video could potentially run as a series, please outline this option in your proposal and suggest what the content of additional videos could be and how many videos would feature in the series. We may or may not choose to adapt the full series or just one video.

Successful applicants will be notified by 10th February.

We would hope to receive video submissions as soon as possible after this date and no later than Monday 1st March. We are expecting the quality of some films to be home-made but with high quality, engaging content. Please indicate if you would need support to edit title slides into your video.

We welcome applications across all art forms and particularly welcome applications from artists from diverse backgrounds.