Support our Marketing & Sales Director in her fundraising run

Our Marketing & Sales Director Jo Gordon is raising money for The Core and better still, ACE are going to match every penny donated. We’d be grateful for any support for this challenge, to donate please click here. Take a look at her story below.

“So… believe it or not, I’m attempting to run a half marathon.

Last year I decided enough was enough and set about trying to lose some weight. It was proving harder and harder to keep up with my two growing boys, my fitness had been at an all time low and it was time to do something about it. That something included starting to run. At the beginning, I literally couldn’t tie up my shoes, let alone run for even 20 seconds at a time. But after completing Couch to 5k, I did my first Park Run and I was hooked. I’ve slowly (and I mean very slowly) been building my distances up … and my confidence too… and I’m going to tackle this half. These are words I genuinely thought I would never say!

I’m raising money for one of the brilliant venues I work for, The Core at Corby Cube. I’m so proud of the charitable arts activity that we do… in Corby this has a particular focus on children and young people- giving some of those with the least opportunity and the biggest challenges in their day to day lives, a place and a reason to come and be inspired, make friends, and feel the power of the arts. There are so many exciting projects in the pipeline, but not all of them can happen without some help.

Rather brilliantly at the moment, we’re part of an Arts Council matched challenge, which means for every pound I can raise, the Arts Council will match it, pound for pound. So not only does Gift Aid add a little bit on top, the Arts Council will make that money go further too.

Please consider sponsoring me. It’ll be slow. It certainly won’t be pretty. But I’m going to get round and try and raise some pennies for a brilliant cause that I feel so strongly about.