All kind donations are used to help ensure our theatre continues to thrive for years to come and that we’re able to make the it accessible to everyone.

It may not sound like a lot, but adding a couple of quid to your ticket when you check-out, or making a one-off donation, makes a huge difference to us.

Make a one-off donation today 

Every £1 donation we receive helps us to continue to do what we do, both on stage and in the local community. The donation levels below give an idea of what your generosity could buy and the difference it could make.


Your seemingly small donation of £25 could go a long way! Every show at the Core from Sara Pascoe to the Moody Blues uses about 80 theatre lamps per show. Each lamp has a bulb and each bulb costs approx. £25 to replace. Given that we replace around 50 bulbs per year, a £25 donation can help keep our shows shining brightly all year round.


£50 from you is enough to contribute to a theatre set for our young actors or our panel of community playwrights, helping them to aspire to tell great stories about our town and country.


A £100 donation could contribute to a young person taking up a bursary on one of our many activities for young people at The Core. From classes for budding actors and comedians to a week long music making course for future music producers. A donation is what it takes to keep our bursary scheme supporting the young performers of tomorrow.


£250 can make even more of a difference. Your generous donation would allow us to be able to offer one bursary place for a YEAR on one of our Youth Theatre & Young Company groups. This amount could also cover the delivery of a brilliant ‘Community Masterclass’ or help us to provide an excellent Corby welcome for the many performers that visit here each year for the GROW festival.


Do you have a bit more to spare? Donations of this size would not only impact us, but have a greater impact throughout the community as well. A generous donation of £500 would cover the cost of delivering a creativity workshop day, a Shakespeare workshop day, or even a ‘Discover in a Day’ Arts Award project in a local school


Putting on shows by top quality national and international artists is not cheap, particularly for young people. A £1000 donation can help us to continue with our mission of bringing top quality theatre shows to Corby for our children and young people like Tabby McTat, The Tiger who came to Tea or our excellent Christmas shows year on year.


£2000 donations are a game changer. This is enough to kickstart an innovative new project that can really have a long-term positive effect. With this amount we could create a programme of creative workshops to help tackle some of the more serious issues that effect our area like homelessness or addiction or help us to serve the most vulnerable members of society particularly young people at risk of exclusion.