We’re super excited to welcome you to our magical realm full of fun, free activities and plenty of resources for the whole family.

Before you dive right in to the good stuff, we want to just remind you of a few important things:

  • As you will be taking part from home, make sure you look after yourself! We won’t be there to supervise you so The Core at Corby Cube and/or our practitioners cannot accept responsibility or liability for any injury or damage caused to anyone or any property. So don’t jump off tables or do anything silly, ok?
  • Children taking part remain the responsibility of the parent or carer to make sure they are carrying out everything safely.
  • If you have any medical conditions or just don’t feel like doing part of the activity, that is completely fine! Please only do what is safe for you to do. Look after yourself first.
  • Make sure you assess the space you will be using for each activity to make sure it is big enough and move any obstacles or anything that might cause harm.
  • Some activities may use basic equipment, such as scissors for crafts. Parents and carers, please make sure you oversee safe use of such items

Now, are you ready to go?

I accept – Take me to The Imagination Station!