Launchpad Festival

For the last two years Launchpad has been giving the region’s new theatre makers a chance to try out new work in front of a supportive audience and develop their voice. This festival is a chance to see some of that work as full-length plays.

Thu 20 July 7.45pm

How Did It Get So Crazy by Michael ‘Spike’ Pike
After a chaotic and often violent adolescence, Spike joined the British Army and travelled the world, including a tense and dangerous tour of duty in Belfast. Having witnessed first hand the tragedy that the troubles brought to communities, he joined veterans for peace after leaving the army and started working on reconciliation events which often included performing his own poetry. In this show, Spike tells his story of a life lived through, and then beyond, violence, with unflinching honesty and a huge amount of humour.

Please note this performance contains strong language and themes of an adult nature.

Loch And Steel Film Night
Another showcase of all the best new films from local filmmakers, once again curated by director and producer Kyle Cheatley.

Staying Strong – a bmx session at Adrenaline Alley featuring Stephen Murray.
Bare, starring Corby’s own Brendan Coyle.
Immerse Yourself – Bletchley Park short film by Wise Guys.

Fri 21 July 7.45pm

Numbered Days by Theatre In Black
A brand new show written by Ryan Leder which takes a stark look at love in the digital age. The play follows Rebecca and Charlotte, two university students who have fallen in love after meeting online, but with over five-thousand miles between them, they begin to question whether a future together is even possible.

Double Whammy by Next To Normal
Next to Normal combine words, music, vocals and dance moves into sketches every day (after their day jobs). Double Whammy is a sketch show for people who love all things creative and done well. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before… but in a good way.

Sat 22 July 7.45pm

You Are My World by Richard Conlon
Unexpected callers in the early hours are the kind of thing that your local parish priest might have to expect along with the dog collar and the village fete, but this one seems different…is this visitor in crisis or are is it the avuncular vicar who needs help? Set in rural Northamptonshire in the present day, a middle aged clergyman with a colourful past is harangued, beguiled, aggravated and seduced in equal measure through the wee small hours. Coaxed into telling his life story over soft digestives and filched communion wine the conversation rages wide and takes some dark and comic turns – as the sun rises the bleary-preacher is left reflecting on what it has all been for – has there been a pattern and a plan which he has failed to even notice? A play about a gay priest written by a straight atheist, this piece looks at faith, sexuality, celebrity and the quest for significance in our everyday lives.

Corby poet Liam Ferguson presents three new spoken word pieces from his latest collection.

Jack In The Box by Core Actors
Fe fi fo fum… Giant Motors took a serious tumble thanks to the actions of a boy called Jack. What is the real story and who is really to blame? A short and dark story from one of our Get Involved groups who this term have been working with theatre maker Jenny Sheehan.

Loch And Steel Film Night
A second night of film from local filmmakers.

Offside – A coming of age from director Jimmy Dean and writer Ellie Gocher.
Tea Break starring Corby’s own Brendan Coyle.
The Screen Northants Macbeth trailer.



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