The Morality Of Mrs Dulska

A Tragi-Comedy by Gabriela Zapolska

Presented in Polish

After a hugely successful sold out run at POSK Theatre in London, the renowned Polish Stage Company UK brings The Morality of Mrs Dulska to Corby. This is a unique opportunity to experience a superb production of a brilliant Polish classical comedy which shocks as much as it entertains.

The reason we have the four walls and a ceiling is so that we can wash our dirty linen in private and no one needs to know a thing about it!”

This is one of the ‘moral principles’ Mrs Dulska upholds and on which she bases all dealings with her tenants and the upbringing of her family. Who would condemn a devoted mother for the means she employs to save her son from debauchery and scandal? Home sweet home is a perfect place for hiding shady secrets and unpalatable vices.

Meet the family brought up on this toxic ‘morality’: the tyrannical and hilarious matriarch, the henpecked father, the depraved son, the precocious teenage daughters. How will they cope with the impending threat to their reputation? And what will become of the abused serving maid whom Mrs Dulska prostitutes in order to keep her son’s philandering under her own roof and within her control?

This uncompromising look at gender, hypocrisy and oppression is as relevant today as it was when the play was written at the beginning of the 20th Century. It’s an incisive, witty and entertaining comedy for the whole family, (children over 12).

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