The Witness

His story became History. Her story became Heresy.

The sacred and profane collide in a new performance inspired by the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. Three copies of the gospel have been found – all of them with missing pages. As the only gospel written in the name of a woman, it reveals Mary Magdalene as a most formidable and courageous spiritual leader, confidante and companion of Christ.

Moving through humour, bold physicality and intricate storytelling; The Witness reveals how one woman’s 2000 year old testimony comes clattering into the life of a contemporary woman, initiating a reckoning and demanding that the missing pages be written anew.



Performers: Jo Blake and Robert Clark

Director: Jo Blake

Movement Director: Ben Duke

Lead Dramaturg: Lootie Johansen-Bibby

Visiting Dramaturg: Sheila Ghelani

Collaborative Devisor: Georgia Tillery-Randak

Designer: Ruth Stringer

Lighting Designer: Adi Currie

Sound Designer: Patrick J Middleton

Producer: Courtenay Johnson for Carbon Theatre

Production Manager: Fiona Scott Lockyer

Stage Manager: Emma Drostby

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