To a world that instructs women to be passive and conciliatory, anger is a terrifying thing.

“It wasn’t that bad… He didn’t really mean it… Did he tell my friends?”

Nina’s boyfriend dumped her. After he slept with her. She was a bit drunk. She didn’t say ‘yes’. She only remembers fragments. And now, the whole school knows.

Set to a driving, electronic score by acclaimed composer Char Bickley, and featuring three compelling dancers, THEM is a dynamic hip hop dance theatre show about consent, validation, and finding your way back to a beginning.

At times powerful and gripping, at times soothing and harmonious, THEM follows the stories of three young women as they shift through time and space, finding healing from the pages of their journal.

Directed by Emma-Jane Greig and choreographed by Jackie Kibuka, featuring stunning choreography and exceptional performers, THEM is an emotional portrayal of dehumanisation, and the arduous journey back to yourself.

An emotional yet hopeful story for ages 14yrs+

Trigger warning: 

Please note that this piece discusses issues around sexual violence and consent but is suitable for ages 14yrs+.  Flashing lights are used in this show.


The Theatre